The importance of an East End neighborhood organization was voiced  at the East End community  meeting in December 2017 at Monica Ros School that convened in the aftermath of the Thomas Fire. There was consensus to form an East End neighborhood organization with the immediate primary objective focused on neighborhood emergency preparedness in the event of natural disasters such as fires, flooding, landslides and earthquakes. The East End Neighborhood Association (EENA) was formally established in February 2018 by a group of volunteer East End residents.

EENA has a focused mission primarily around neighborhood emergency preparedness planning and also to facilitate a close knit and neighborly East End (consistent with any resident’s desire for privacy). Unlike many neighborhood organizations EENA is not an advocacy or political organization taking stands on neighborhood, city or county issues or backing political candidates so that we don’t risk fracturing our membership. Furthermore, EENA has been established and operated with no need for a budget or fundraising, so that Board members and residents are not actively solicited for financial support.