Severe Rain Storm Beginning Tomorrow

March 19, 2018 / Comments Off on Severe Rain Storm Beginning Tomorrow


East End Neighbors–

You’re probably aware by now that a severe rain storm is expected to begin tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon and continue through Thursday evening. Parts of the the East End and the greater Ojai Valley could be subject to flooding and mudslides. This afternoon Ventura County issued a Voluntary Evacuation Order for the East End beginning tomorrow at noon until Thursday at 5 pm. You can read the order and related information at .

If you haven’t already done so, we strongly urge you to go to Ventura County’s emergency preparedness website,, and sign up for VC Alert by email, phone and text alerts so you will be notified by the County in the event of further evacuation orders and updates and can take immediate action .

Here are some additional links to help you be better informed and prepared for the storm: 

  • : This site tracks rainfall intensity and the status of any evacuation updates in the Ojai Valley

Before the rain starts take the opportunity to be in touch with your East End friends and neighbors and encourage them to be ready for the storm and prepared to evacuate if necessary. Until a more formal emergency preparedness plan is finalized for the East End, we need to rely on our grass roots efforts to help ensure we all weather the storm safely.

Thanks for your help and feel free to direct and thoughts or questions regarding this email or the East End Neighborhood Association to George Gaines at or 847-962-8922.