Possible East End Power Shut Off

October 23, 2019 / Comments Off on Possible East End Power Shut Off


East End Neighbors–

This afternoon East End residents were notified by VC Alert that due to weather related elevated fire risk, Southern California Edison may initiate preventative power shut offs in the East End within fewer than 24 hours that may last throughout the duration of the fire weather event. If you haven’t already done so, we strongly urge you to follow this link to Ventura County’s emergency preparedness website and sign up for VC Alert by email, phone and text alerts so you will be notified by the County in the event of further updates and can take action as necessary.

Although it is uncertain whether power shut offs will occur in the East End , please prepare for such a possibility particularly if your health depends on air conditioning or powered medical devices.

You may need to stay with family or friends until power is restored. Currently much of the city of Ojai and the western portion of the Ojai Valley isn’t targeted for shut off, so you may not have to go far to an area that still has power. Here’s a link to a map indicating the status of power shut offs in Ventura County.

As weather conditions will increase the risk of fire starting and spreading, be vigilant for any warning signs and respect any alerts or evacuation orders from Ventura County. Finally, check in with your East End friends and neighbors to make sure they’re aware and prepared for this event.

Feel free to direct and thoughts or questions to George Gaines at gcgainesjr@gmail.com or 847-962-8922.