A message to East End Neighbors from Thacher School

April 2, 2020 / Comments Off on A message to East End Neighbors from Thacher School


East End Neighbors–

Please see the notice below from Thacher School:

We hope this note finds you and your family healthy and well during these trying times. You may know we have closed our campus which includes the gym, dining hall, student commons, fitness center, pool, running track, all horse facilities, and our football field and baseball field. Also, we will no longer provide access to the Horn Canyon trail head that is on our property. We are continually evaluating COVID-19 guidelines and will reduce these restrictions as soon as practical.

Our goal is to protect the health and safety of our teachers and staff as they provide an online learning experience for our students. We thank you for your support and wish you the best of health.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Ed Bennett, our Director of Facilities, at ebennett@thacher.org or 805-798-4463.